Pixelmon Generations Launches

02-Nov-2017 18:01
As many of you have probably heard, Pixelmon Dark and Pixelmon Reborn have merged to create a joint project under the name of Pixelmon Generations. A public version of Pixelmon Generations was officially launched about a week ago and many large servers have already begun updating. Given that Pixelmon Dark and Reborn are both no longer supported, we recommend all servers running those versions to update.

For more information on Pixelmon Generations, check out their site here: http://pixelmongenerations.com/

Furthermore, we will be adding new version tags as the Generations project releases new versions, just as we did for the original Pixelmon team. Right now Generations is on 1.1, so we have version tags for 1.0 and 1.1. We will continue to follow development as it occurs. It will be interesting to see how development progresses in the face of the official Pixelmon shutdown. Pixelmon Generations has already received some controversy over some malicious code in their mod, but this has since been addressed. As for servers, the release of Generations means more stable and timely updates for new Pixelmon and new features.

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