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When I started this server I thought it was quite good; it had some minor issues but then unfortunately I discovered the Dark underbelly of Bulbacraft. The mods. It all started when I learned that if a player is AFK then that player is practically rewarded for clogging up the server, how so? Well if a legend spawns on an AFK player and an active player is around to find it, then the active player CANNOT catch that legend. Ridiculous, right? Well it gets worse. Normally catching a legendary is pretty difficult for an active player (unless they have a masterball) but not for the AFK player since THE MOD CATCHES IT FOR THEM. THAT'S RIGHT, NOT ONLY DOES SOMEONE NOT GET KICKED AFTER CLOGGING THE SERVER FOR TOO LONG.... THEY GET FREE LEGENDARIES TOO! I was outraged by this since one of my friends should've got the legend since they found it first but no, this AFK player who was nowhere near the area got it. How is that fair!? I took this issue to the mods as a friendly suggestions, how did they respond? They muted me for 10 minutes. So, I went to the discord server to go to the help section to report these particular power hungry mods; perhaps they were acting unjustly. Nope, they're all like that. Don't suggest something otherwise they'll tell you off by muting you. When I was discussing the matter with another player in the PRIVATE MESSAGES. The mods muted me again, this time for 60 minutes. So much for private, huh? These guys strike me as the sort to IP trace. Overall 0/10

Apr 01st, 2019

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