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We are trying hard so that people with any playstyle will have fun on our Server !

- Build wherever and however you want, nobody will grief your base if you make use of our Grief Prevention Plugin !
- We have constant events going on whether its competitions or regular Pokemon Tournaments, rewards are always great !
- We have unique ranks for how long you have played and certain achievements ingame, get rewarded with items and kits !
- Wanna catch rarer pokemon ? We have a fully working Safari Zone for you to explore !
- We have a great Questline with a lot of secrets and lots of NPC-Trainers, including NPC Gyms
- Wanna make your own gym ? We will support you, giving you a rank so that anyone from anywhere can challenge you !
- Tired of ev training ? Check out our EV grinding areas ! IV Increasing through means other than breeding are disabled
- We will help you with breeding though, we have incredibly experienced staff who will guide you through anything !
We wanna have a place for anbody to have a good time, especially competitive Pokemon Players. Enter our server now at

Wanna suggest something ? We are always open for new ideas and concepts, bring them to us through our Discord:


This server uses the last released verison of Pixelmon. Get the modpack here.

Owner Feutor
Website Visit Server Website
Players 0 / 72
Version Reforged 7.1.0
MOTD A Minecraft Server
Server status Offline Checked 27 minutes ago
Uptime 33.03%
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Rank 182
 United States
Tags Breeding Enabled Gyms Survival Events Mini Games Legendaries Shiny Starters Safari Games IV/EV Training Keep Inventory