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As alright as it is, the owner vehemently has a firm stance on limiting player progression by locking mending behind both a vote crate (0.9% chance by the way), and the mundane task that is minecraft fishing (No auto fishing machines allowed by the way). I don't suggest playing here if you're ready to suffer the consequences of having to make tools or repair them every 5 minutes, getting a little more expensive each time. Theres a reason village and pillage made mending widely accessible in order for players to continue grinding away, but that logical thought process doesn't seem to be widely accepted here.

Nov 30th, 2021

Played this server for about a week in total, and i love it, legend spawn in the wild, a large map to build your own builds/towns, fair priced store and sale's on regularly. Wild special texture that the owner has added himself spawn and its great, makes the grind even more fun

Dec 01st, 2021

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