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Some of you might've heard or played it back in 2015 before it closed down. Well, we're bringing it back! Larger, better and updated!

BulbasaurCraft is a survival orientated pixelmon server! We first opened back in march 2015 but unfortunately had to close down in august because of some complications. Now those complications have been dealt with, we've decided to open the server again! We are a survival focussed pixelmon server with features such as gyms, economy, tournaments and fun other activities! We're planning to add questing later on aswell!

Our staff team consist out of experienced staff, having staff experience from both the previous BulbasaurCraft server and other servers. We're also always looking for new ambitious or experienced people to join our team.

Join our discord!
You can join our server with this IP:
Visit and register on our website:

We're currently running Pixelmon Reforged on Minecraft 1.12.2 installing instuctions can be found on our website!


This server uses the last released verison of Pixelmon. Get the modpack here.

Owner Aviriix
Website Visit Server Website
Players 16 / 42
Version Reforged 7.0.7
Server status Online Checked 5 days ago
Uptime 97.48%
Vote(s) 281
Rank 20
 United Kingdom
Tags Breeding Enabled Flying Enabled Gyms Player Gyms Survival Events Elite 4 Legendaries IV/EV Training Keep Inventory