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Daily Server Events: Such as higher shiny spawning rates on Tuesdays, Shiny Legendaries on Thursdays, Special Textured Pokemon on Fridays and more!
Unlimited Homes: Set an unlimited amount of homes
Tournaments: Battle your way to the top with weekly tournaments and get shop credit and more
Auction House: Buy items and Pokemon with other players, or sell for cash
Large active community: Meet new friends!
PokeRaids: Battle level 150+ Pokemon for rewards
Shiny Starters: Start off with a rare Pokemon
PokeBingo: Complete a Bingo card to earn rewards
Pouches: Obtain random rewards
Lucky Pond: Frequent Drop Parties you capture items with via a Fishing Rod
Wednesday Giveaways: Shop Credit and more are given away
PokQuests: Complete a series of quests for rewards
PokeHunts: Capture or breed a list of Pokemon to get awesome rewards daily
Player Gyms: Battle other players and collect your Gym Badges
PokeTrivia: Answer Trivia correctly for rewards
KeepInventory: Never lose your rare items again
LevelSystem: Level up to earn rewards and bragging rights
Events: Weekly Events to participate in for rewards
Grief Prevention: Claim and protect your land with a Golden Shovel
WonderTrade- Swap out your Pokemon for a random one
Professionally made Spawns: 4 Regions to choose from and each are equipped with amazing spawn builds
Vote Shop: Purchase items with vote points

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This server uses a custom continuation of Pixelmon and requires Technic to work!

Owner Dysthymic
Players 19 / 999
Version Pixelmon Dark
MOTD ─[PokeNinjas Network]─ ─[Gilded Rayquaza spawning for a limited time!]─
Server status Online Checked 1 year ago
Uptime 99.79%
Vote(s) 72452
Rank 2
 United States
Tags Breeding Enabled Gyms Player Gyms Events Legendaries Shiny Starters IV/EV Training Keep Inventory