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CrystalFire Pixelmon

CrystalFire PIxelmon-
We are an Adventure/Survival server. We offer a unique experience in allowing people to explore a new adventure world, while also being a part of it and leaving your own mark! We have a custom set of challenging Gyms and an Exceptional Elite 4. We have 10 custom NPC towns that are all in sought after biomes. Each Town has pokegrass to allow players to constantly be on the lookout for pokemon even when you do not see them around. Every town has Pokestops, an apricorn field and forge for crafting of pokeballs, A custom NPC offering a unique item per town, A Gym Leader of varying type, and a well built and thought out story and lore. For more of our features look below!

-Vote Rewards
-Rank Kits
-Pokemon Hunts
-Ingame Mine for pixel and minecraft ores

An immersive experience with a custom texture pack and UI
Responsive and active staff members
Ingame rankups and rewards without spending money
-SpongyChest Plugin to allow players to make item shops and sell items even when offline!
GTS plugin allowing an online Auction House for pokemon to be bought and sold
-Daycare options and Ranch Breeding options to suit everyones Pokemon breeding needs.


This server uses the last released verison of Pixelmon. Get the modpack here.

Owner Fabyoulust
Website Visit Server Website
Players 0 / 50
Version Reforged 6.3.4
MOTD ♦CFPixelmon♦ ≪Now with 200% MORE AWESOME!≫ Reforged6.3.2 Grab your Extra Plates!
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Uptime 26.47%
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Rank 140
 United States
Tags Breeding Enabled Gyms Survival RPG RolePlay Legendaries IV/EV Training Keep Inventory