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A realy good server with a massive support and Quest and to reach Gym and Elite4 ;) Come try Pokemayhem server !

Jul 02nd, 2018

Awesome server, great staff and a lot of custom builds. The build team is amazing and I just love the look of the spawn. Having the option to do achievements and quests makes this server feel so fresh and fun. Voxym

Jul 02nd, 2018

It has been almost a month since I first joined the PokeMayhem server, my experience on the server so far has been great, outstanding even. The community is good, the staff are great and the server itself runs smooth. I look forward everyday I get to play on this server with my friends and the rest of the community. If you ever do decide to join say hello to me; my IGN is Mojiz :)

Jul 02nd, 2018

A really fun server because of both the players and the server itself, the staff is very helpful and you can casually talk to them, all the people are really kind and it feels good playing in a server like that.

Jul 02nd, 2018

I came across this server a couple months ago. My friends and I had been jumping from server to server for days, looking for a good one. Every one we came across had a downside in multiple departments, from having a bad Market to low Pokemon Spawn rates and even incredible lag spikes. But when I found this one, we were greatly pleased by what it had to offer, and that it was lag free. The staff team is friendly and active, there are numerous events to participate in, and the added in features, such as the Mine and EV Training, makethe server even more enjoyable. - RotagZyqarri

Jul 02nd, 2018

I like how many nice people play on this server. The staff are super friendly and the community is always glad to help. Ask any question and your bound to get an answer. Played for several days and I definitely don't regret it. Stop by and try it out because it has endless amounts of things to do. - seaside11

Jul 11th, 2018

I have been playing on this server and the people are amazing and the support is quick and amazing. I will continue to play daily

Aug 02nd, 2018

Its pretty neato and i made lots of friend :D

Aug 02nd, 2018

Really fun server!!!! Made so much friends. :3

Aug 02nd, 2018

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